Building a better world one acquisition at a time.

Our aim is to acquire sustainable cash-flowing businesses and to support them with, M&A, a command and excellence in digital marketing, and wisely run finances and operations.

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Trying to sell your company is difficult

After months of searching, or perhaps negotiation, you end up with lost time and money and no deal. Too many profitable companies close their doors because they are unable to secure an exit when they are ready to move on.
We established Linnet Legacies with the aim of supporting business owners who are motivated to sell within the next 60 days and want to see their legacy continue.

Why sell to us?

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You’ve built something that will last but have a compelling reason to move on like partnership changes, health issues, retirement, or you’re simply ready to move on to the next thing.

We commonly look for creative financing and risk-sharing strategies like seller financing and profit sharing. We don’t pay all cash, and we don’t pay VC-level prices – but we genuinely do want to find a way to bring you the value you deserve while also securing a strong investment.

Many retiring business owners want to sell but aren’t able to sell their companies. We are a small family company intent on continuing your legacy, we buy and incrementally grow.

Get value out of your asset for yourself or your family. We follow industry-standard multiples on profit prices.

Deal with the decision-makers directly, not brokers or VC boards. We quickly make a decision. Our goal for closing a deal is less than 60 days, and we have closed in as fast as 15 days or 30 days.

We buy and hold companies for the long term.

What we look for

Quality Team
Healthy profit from $200k – $1M
Successful operations of 3+ years
High margins

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